Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Recipe: Walnut Crumb Cake

It has been long since I last stepped into the kitchen. So I'm really excited when I managed to squeeze in some time to bake! :D 

Walnut Crumb Cake. 

Tempted by the Apple and Pear crumble that I had from Harry's Bar. :D 

Obviously I have topped too much crumbs on the cake. But. I'm loving the buttery and crunchy bites. :D 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Review: Udders @ United Square

A continuation on my bro's birthday. Like a month back. 

So we decided to head for somewhere quieter to chill after our dinner buffet at Ssikkek (coming soon!) and Udders to the rescue! Lol! Sorry for the drama. :P

Friday, August 29, 2014

Media Invite: The Royal Mail Restaurant and Bar

Established in 2012, The Royal Mail Bar, an extended beverage arm of The Royal Mail Restaurant, has revamped their menu! 

This new facelift introduces new speciality cocktails and British-inspired tapas on its menu. 

A trademark of the bar is the eye-catching round counter where revellers can ensconce themselves and savour their food and drinks. I especially love how full of energetic and lively the bartenders were. 

My eyes were definitely on the bar's collection of spirits and whiskeys on display. My little confession here, I love to collect alcohol bottles.  

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ad: Thye Moh Chan's Teochew Mooncakes

Traditional mooncake or snowskin mooncake, I guess we should be very familiar with them. But what about Teochew mooncake? Have you tried before? 

Reputed for its authentic hand crafted pastries, the 70 years old brand, Thye Moh Chan, is proud to unveil an exquisite Mid-Autumn collection comprising the stalwart establishment’s signature Teochew mooncake, a flaky pastry skin type of mooncake. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Review: Tai-Parfait

Made a trip to Bugis Junction a few days back and I'm so amazed by the food options! Especially the revamped basement, which is always the snack paradise for me. 

Amongst the many new eateries in Bugis, Tai-Parfait is one of the biggest hype in this food paradise. 

From what I gathered, Tai-Parfait is especially popular at the flagship outlet in Japan. So Singapore's outlet is their first overseas store and it's gaining such as much popularity. I have to say, thanks to Instagram? I've gotten to know about them through Instagram too! Seriously, the power of media.  

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Everyone is familiar with Breadtalk's bread. You could probably list a few of them! However, have you ever tried this household brand's mooncake collection? 

This Mid-Autumn Festival, BreadTalk unveils a dazzling collection of five exquisitely-designed mooncake boxes; each comprising a delectable assortment of popular and new flavours of baked and snow skin mooncakes.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Taiwan Day 6 Part 1: HuaLien - Taroko Gorge

So here we are at Taroko Gorge National Park! Was contemplating whether to include this in during our planning but decided to go in the end because of the beautiful pictures we saw on web. So lets go!  

If you are thinking of touring the place by foot, think twice because to go from point to point, it requires a little bit (just being kind) of walking and you have to watch out for falling stones! So, it best to engage a driver for a full or half day tour. We were lucky to have our hotel to book a half day tour (approximately 4 hours) for us at NT1700. 

The good thing about it is you'll have a "dedicated" photographer who will take beautiful shots for you. heh heh.

Once again, you realise in Taiwan there are many "famous" stones for you to take a picture with.